Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on the Nexus 10

I'll copy this right over from my XDA thread.

Here we go again...
3:45pm: Called Samsung.
3:50pm: Reached the Nexus department.
3:55pm: Hung up on me after reading them my serial number. Was asked if I was sure there's no scratches or anything on the lens- more than a fair question. About to call back.

I will NEVER buy Samsung again, nor will I EVER recommend their products again.

UPDATE: 3:58pm: Reached someone who I have to repeat everything twice to, does NOT transfer me to Nexus department. I smell trouble.
3:59pm: He has transferred me.

UPDATE: 4:03pm: Transferred again. Idiot transferred me to Home APpliances. Now with the 'carrier tablet department'. FML.

UPDATE: 4:06pm: Transferred to the general Android department. They just told me I'm in the wrong department but they'll TRY to help me.
4:09pm: She's looking up my previous ticket numbers.

UPDATE: 4:11pm: I have been placed on hold by the poor girl who gets to bear my polite, professional wrath. She is finding out what she can do for me.

UPDATE: 4:17pm: I have been told to call Google to get it replaced or repaired... Here goes that.

UPDATE: 4:31pm: "Because Google does not a---ize customer support at this time..." Broken up recording I can half-understand telling me I can't call this number I was given. Time to call up Samsung and demand a supervisor.

UPDATE: 4:36pm: Getting a 'warm transfer' after I explain the fun I've had today and over the last month with this forsaken tablet.

UPDATE: 4:53pm: Was told to call Google, they do the hardware repair. Got rather snarky and pointed out that Google has OFFICIALLY stated that Samsung is the OEM and responsible for repairs, and needs to stop sending people to Google. Finally got an overnight shipping label for repair number three.